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Dan's Bathtub Reglazing guarantees the surfaces of bathtubs reglazed by us against defects in workmanship or materials for FIVE YEARS (Residential) or ONE YEAR (Commercial) from date of purchase providing the customer has properly maintained the bathtub as recommended. Repairs due to defects in material or workmanship will be made free of change during this time. This guarantee does not cover damages caused by dripping faucets, bathmats, abrasive cleaners, chipping due to direct impact, misuse or neglect. There will be a service charge for transportation or travel to and from your home.

We also do not guarantee against damages caused by the removal or installation of shower doors, use of hair dyes, drain opening solutions, or any other chemical not used in normal bathing. It is imperative that bar soap, shampoo bottles, etc. are never left standing on bathtub surface. There is no guarantee that the color once selected by the customer will match other fixtures.

This guarantee is non-transferable and is null and void when property is sold. This guarantee is given to owner/occupant housing only. Rental, commercial, or contractor discount bathtubs will carry a ONE year guarantee. This guarantee covers bathtubs only. All other fixtures such as kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, toilets, spot repairs, etc. will carry NO GUARANTEE. Bathtubs with corrosion and rust problems will be repaired to the best of our ability. It is impossible to guarantee against any further corrosion or rust problems

This guarantee is in lieu of any other guarantee expressed or implied.



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